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Transforming Epilepsy Research and Drug Discovery 

Modular Platform for Epilepsy Modelling (MEMO) offers best-in class solution for seizure activity detection and epilepsy modelling  in vitro

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Advanced, Humanized and Cell-based

Modular Platform for Epilepsy Modelling in vitro

 MEMO platform is devoted to solve following challenges

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Finding novel approaches to discover truly innovative anti-seizure medicatons

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Accomplish CNS safety testing for seizure liability early enough during drug discovery

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Advancing tools to reveal  disease mechanisms of epilepsies

MEMO platform

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Gas supply chamber
Medium Reservoirs
Microfluidic device
Microelec-trode array

Microfluidic device 

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Three-compartment microfluidic device enables formation of axonally connected brain-like circuitry of neuronal networks 

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Microelectrode Array

Customized microelectrode array

 enables the neuronal network and seizure-like activity measurements

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Data Analysis

MEA data is analyzed by

our own smart algorithms

About Us 

MEMO is an advanced platform technology innovated in a project owned by Tampere University, Finland. MEMO platform bases on the strong and impactful neuroscientific and microfabrication technology backgrounds of NeuroGroup (led by Adj. Prof Susanna Narkilahti) and Micro- and Nanosystems Research group (led by Prof Pasi Kallio). 


MEMO project is a Research to Business project, aiming to the commercialization of research results and is funded by Business Finland.

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MEMO project team

Our team has over 15 years of experience in combining neuroscience and engineering technologies.  We have excellent hands-on expertise of human pluripotent stem cells, neuronal cultures, microfluidics, microelectrode arrays and data analysis. MEMO project has a comprehensive steering group from the fields of business and engineering technologies as well as epilepsy and drug R&D research.

Susanna Narkilahti

Adj. Prof. Neuroscience Specialist, stem cells, in vitro models 

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Satu Jäntti

MSc, Business Champion, Cell Technology Scientist

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Jouni Sirviö

PhD, Senior Expert, Neuroscience, Drug development

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Hanna Mäkelä

Laboratory Specialist

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Pasi Kallio

Prof. Engineering Specialist, Nano- and microfluidic systems

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Lassi Sukki

MSc, Microfluidic and Microfabrication Specialist 


Timo Salpavaara

PhD,  Sensors and Electronics Specialist, Microfabrication


Anna Vallius


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Clinical advisor

Jukka Peltola, 

Prof. of Neurology, 

Chief Physician

Want to know more?  Interested in collaboration? 

Project Leader

Susanna Narkilahti


Business Champion

Satu Jäntti


Kauppi Campus

Tampere University 

Arvo Ylpön Katu 34

33520 Tampere, Finland

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